Baak Network

Baak was launched in 2021 to support young Bangladeshi women to launch their confidence journey amid peak pandemic. Our mentees include 15-21 year old Bangladeshi women from all over Bangladesh, representing both urban, peri-urban and rural areas. Our mentors are exceptionally accomplished Bangladeshi women professionals who grew up in Bangladesh and are based all over the world.

We don’t just connect, we coach

Mentorship can be a tricky path to navigate for our mentees who have never experienced such a dynamic. With evidence based mentoring approaches and coaching, we create a customized experience for each of our mentees.

‘Wholesome’ Mentoring

Our mentors engage on a wide variety of challenges that our mentees face in their academic, professional, or personal lives. The Baak journey is co-created by mentors and mentees for their mutual growth and confidence.



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